OK, so you want the scoop on the concept behind this CD. I'm betting you've already got the basic idea because it was such a big pop-culture phenomenon. Just in case you managed to avoid it, here's the basic idea.

Oh, and you can listen at, but be aware that the song annotations on 8tracks may give a spoiler or two.


Inspired by the film "Six Degrees Of Separation", "The Kevin Bacon Game" (or "Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon") is based on the odd notion that Kevin Bacon is the center of the film universe, and as a result, everyone who ever appeared in a US film can be connected to Kevin Bacon by linking up actors in common films. For instance, Alfred Hitchcock can be connected to Kevin Bacon as follows …

There's actually quite a few web sites on the game, and some will even do the linking for you. And no, I don't know why Kevin Bacon ended up as the center of the film universe, but that's the basis for the game.


What this CD does is take that concept and apply it to music. Each consecutive pair of songs on the CD is linked via a common person involved with that song - either a musician or a producer. And yes, the last song on the CD does indeed link back to the first.

I'm assuming some of the links will probably seem obvious to you, and some will probably seem ridiculously obscure. Of course, one person's obscure is another's obvious.

Oh, and yes, I own (and enjoy) all of the songs on this CD. The idea is still for this to hold up as an entertaining compilation CD on its own merits.


The answers are on this CD, in two separate pages.

The first gives you a big hint: An alphabetical list of the linked, but not in order they appear. The second just cuts through all the nonsense and gives up the answers. There's a third page of comments from me on the songs, but don't read that until you know the answers 'cause there are some spoilers there.

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Thanks for including me in CDX 2002, and I hope you have fun with this.