214) The Who

date: 2/17/13
place: The Schottenstein Center, Columbus
warmup: Vintage Trouble
length: 0:30 (Vintage Trouble), 2:10 (The Who)
order: exact


High Times (They Are Coming)
Blues Hand Me Down
Nancy Lee
Total Strangers
Nobody Told Me
Strike Your Light


Roger Daltrey - Vocals, Guitars, Tambourine, Harmonica
Pete Townshend - Guitars, Vocals

Simon Townshend - Guitars, Vocals
Pino Palladino - Bass
Zak Starkey - Drums
Frank Simes - Keyboards, Vocals, Musical Director
John Corey - Keyboards
Loren Gold - Keyboards, Vocals
J. Greg Miller - Horns
Reggie Grisham - Horns

[ Quadrophenia ]

Pete talks to the crowd and does a long introduction of each of the band members - sorta served as an encore break, except no-one left the stage.
Who Are You
Behind Blue Eyes
Baba O'Riley
Won't Get Fooled Again

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The Who / The Pretenders - 12/11/06
Roger Daltrey - 11/3/09
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215) Eels

date: 2/24/13
place: The Newport, Columbus
warmup: Nicole Atkins
length: 1:40
order: exact

pre show-music was made up of easy listening versions of sixties and seventies pop hits like Carpenters "Top Of The World", The 5th Dimension's "Up, Up And Away", and Glen Campbell's "Wichita Lineman". Yes, it was a REALLY bizarre choice.

E - vocals, guitar
The Chet - guitar, vocals
P-Boo - guitar, trumpet, vocals
Honest Al - bass, vocals
Knuckles - drums, vocals

Bombs Away
Kinda Fuzzy
Stick Together
Oh Well
  -- Fleetwood Mac cover
Tremendous Dynamite
That Look You Give That Guy
On The Ropes
Dirty Girl
Climbing To The Moon
Peach Blossom
Trouble With Dreams
The Turnaround
New Alphabet
Fresh Feeling
The Sound Of Fear
[band introductions]
  -- included a commitment ceremony overseen by "Reverend Honest Al" for E and The Chet (marking their ten years together) - "Do you, Chet, take E to be your lead singer? Do you, E, take The Chet to be your lead guitarist?" with Knuckles playing & singing a bit of "Wind Beneath My Wings".
Go Knuckles
  -- Knuckles introduction song, included some drum solos.
Itchycoo Park
  -- Small Faces cover
Souljacker Part I
Wonderful, Glorious

-- ENCORE --
I'm Your Brave Little Soldier
My Beloved Monster / Mr. E's Beautiful Blues
  -- Done as a "mashup" of sorts. E introduced this by saying they would only do one more song, but they WANTED to do two more. So they started "My Beautiful Monster", then cut into "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues", then back and forth through the rest of the song.

-- ENCORE --
Fresh Blood

-- ENCORE --
disclaimer: I found these two songs listed at setlist.fm. After "Fresh Blood", the house lights came up and most everyone appeared to head out. Apparently, E & Co. stuck around for a couple more songs. Yeah, I'm bummed.

Open My Present
Go Eels

Eels - 8/4/11
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216) Zappa Plays Zappa

date: 9/5/13
place: The Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, Columbus
warmup: none
length: 2:30
order: exact

[ Roxy & Elsewhere ]


Teen-age Wind
Teen-age Prostitute
Happy Birthday To You
  -- when Dweezil cued the band to start "The Black Page #1", they instead broke into "Happy Birthday To You" for Dweezil's 44th birthday, and his wife came on stage with a small cake with a lit candle for him to blow out.
The Black Page #1
  -- the drum solo
The Black Page #2
  -- "rocking teenage version" with disco backbeat
I Come From Nowhere
Wonderful Wino
Back In Black
Muffin Man

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