3) Styx

date: 3/28/81
place: Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati
warmup: none
length: 2:15
order: close
seats: 3rd row, left side

A.D. 1928
Rockin' The Paradise
Blue Collar Man
The Grand Illusion
Tommy Shaw - acoustic guitar solo
Crystal Ball
Suite Madame Blue
Snow Blind
Too Much Time On My Hands
Great White Hope
Best Of Times
Fooling Yourself
James Young - electric guitar solo
Miss America
Come Sail Away

-- ENCORE --
Borrowed Time
Half-Penny, Two-Penny
A.D. 1958
State Street Sadie
The Grand Finale
  -- with credits film

Styx - 9/12/83
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5) Jefferson Starship

date: 6/22/81
place: Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls
warmup: .38 Special
length: 2:00
order: exact

Somebody To Love
Ride The Tiger
Find Your Way Back
Fast Buck Freddie
Save Your Love
Modern Times
Mary / Pete Sears - bass solo
Stairway To Cleveland
Girl With The Hungry Eyes
Light The Sky On Fire / Aynsley Dunbar - drum solo
Dance With The Dragon

-- ENCORE --
Freedom At Point Zero
Rock Music
White Rabbit

-- ENCORE --
Wild Eyes

Jefferson Airplane - 9/8/89
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6) The Kinks

date: 9/21/81
place: Veterans Memorial, Columbus
length: 2:00
order: close
seats: 15th row, center

Around The Dial
The Hard Way
Catch Me Now I'm Falling
Art Lover
Back To Front
You Really Got Me
Too Serious
Celluloid Heroes
Gallon Of Gas
20th Century Man
All Day And All Of The Night

-- ENCORE --
Give The People What They Want

-- ENCORE --
Stop Your Sobbing
Low Budget
Come On Now
(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman

-- ENCORE --
Little Queenie
Louie, Louie

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7) The Pretenders

date: 9/25/81
place: Mershon Auditorium, Columbus
warmup: The Bureau
length: 1:30
order: exact

The Wait
The Adultress
Message Of Love
Louie, Louie
Talk Of The Town
Private Life
Stop Your Sobbing
Day After Day
Bad Boys Get Spanked
Tattooed Love Boys
Up The Neck

-- ENCORE --
Brass In Pocket
Mystery Achievement

-- ENCORE --
What You Gonna Do About It

The Pretenders - 4/11/84
Neil Young / The Pretenders - 8/25/00
The Who / The Pretenders - 12/11/06
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8) Kansas

date: 8/9/81
place: Poplar Creek Amphitheater, Chicago
warmup: Survivor
order: A wild guess. This is the setlist for 8/28 and it seems to have the songs I remember

Song For America
Got To Rock On
Point Of Know Return
Closet Chronicles
On The Other Side
Mysteries And Mayhem
Lamplight Symphony (excerpt)
The Wall
Hold On
Dust In The Wind
Miracles Out Of Nowhere
Opus Insert
Down The Road
Portrait (He Knew)
Carry On Wayward Son

My memory had three other songs: People Of The Southwind (1st encore), Hold On and Curtain Of Iron. No way to prove it though.

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9) Electric Light Orchestra

date: 11/6/81
place: Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati
warmup: Hall & Oates
length: 1:30
order: exact

Yours Truly, 2095
Evil Woman
Livin' Thing
Telephone Line
From The End Of The World
Here Is The News
Mik Kaminski - violin solo
Richard Tandy - keyboard solo

[ John Lennon tribute medley ]

[ ELO hits medley ]

Hold On Tight

-- ENCORE --
Don't Bring Me Down

-- ENCORE --
Roll Over Beethoven

Jeff Lynne's ELO - 8/16/18
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10) Frank Zappa

date: 11/20/81
place: Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati
warmup: none
length: 2:00
order: exact

Treacherous Cretins
Cosmik Debris
Easy Meat
You Are What You Is
Mudd Club
The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
Dumb All Over
Heavenly Bank Account
Suicide Chump
Jumbo Go Away
Drowning Witch
What's New In Baltimore?
Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
Blue Light
Tinseltown Rebellion
Yo Mama

-- ENCORE --
Strictly Genteel

Frank Zappa - 8/19/84
Frank Zappa - 11/18/84
Frank Zappa - 3/5/88
Frank Zappa - 3/6/88
Zappa Plays Zappa - 7/8/09
Zappa Plays Zappa - 9/5/13
Zappa Plays Zappa - 4/4/15
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