125) Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians

date: 5/13/93
place: The Newport, Columbus
warmup: Murray Attaway
length: 1:30
order: exact

Driving Aloud (Radio Storm)
Madonna Of The Wasps
Railway Shoes
The Yip Song
Queen Elvis
Arms Of Love
When I Was Dead
Vegetation And Dimes
Birds In Perspex
A Globe Of Frogs
The Moon Inside
Only The Stones Remain

-- ENCORE --
  -- Robyn solo
Beautiful Girl
  -- Robyn solo

-- ENCORE --
The Wreck Of The Arthur Lee
Egyptian Cream

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - 6/27/89
Robyn Hitchcock - 10/21/90
Music Against Brain Degeneration Revue - 7/15/99
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128) X

date: 7/14/93
place: The Newport, Columbus
warmup: Dillon Fence
length: 1:10
order: exact

In This House That I Call Home
Clean Like Tomorrow
Into The Light
Lettuce And Vodka
New Life
Los Angeles
Country At War
I Agree [sic]
  -- fast song, Exene on lead vocals
4th Of July
Drawn In The Dark
White Girl
Motel Room In My Bed
Stay Alive [sic]
The World's A Mess; It's In His Kiss

-- ENCORE --
The New World
Because I Do

-- ENCORE --
Arms For Hostages
Wild Thing

X - 10/10/87
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130) Cracker

date: 11/10/93
place: The Newport
warmup: Counting Crows
length: 1:35
order: exact

Movie Star
Sick Of Goodbyes
Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now)
I See The Light
Let's Go For A Ride
Euro-Trash Girl
Take Me Down To The Infirmary
Mr. Wrong
Lonesome Johnny Blues
Don't Fuck Me Up (With Peace And Love)
Good Guys & Bad Guys
This Is Cracker Soul
Dr. Bernice
I Ride My Bike

-- ENCORE --
Get Off This
Satisfy You
Bad Vibes Everybody

Cracker - 6/29/00
Cracker - 3/14/02
Camper Van Beethoven - 6/8/05
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