The following table gives a list of the people listed in the album credits under "The Psychoderelict Family", along with what they did on the album.

Jeremy Allom Music mixing
Jon Astley Fairlight drums
Richard Barnes Story consultant
Paul Bonnick PT's personal assistant
Ian Broudie Synthesizer programming
Mark Brzezicki Drums
John "Rabbit" Bundrick Keyboards
Chyna Vocals
Allan Corduner Actor (other roles)
Bruce Davies Sound effects, additional engineering
Julia Duff Casting
Andrew Eccles Photogrpahy
Nick Goderson Production
Linal Haft Actor ("Rastus")
Deirdre Harrison Actor ("Athena")
Steve Hills Custom Synclavier construction
Peter Hope-Evans Harmonica
Nicola Joss PT's personal assistant
Kick Horns Horn section
Roger Knapp Technical supervisor
John Labanowski Actor ("Ray")
Jamie Lane Additional mixing
Dee Lewis Actor (extra)
Gavin Lewis Guitar
Jody Linscott Percussion
Jaz Lochrie Bass
Andy MacPherson Additional engineering
Billy Nicholls Vocals
Michael Nicholls Actor (extra)
Tessa Niles Featured vocalist
Phil Palmer Guitar
Josh Phillips-Gorse Organ
Bob Pridden Sound engineer
Jan Ravens Actor ("Ruth")
Simon Rogers Synthesizer programming
Adam Seymour Guitar
Paul Stevens Additional engineering
Paul Townshend Actor (extra)
Simon Townshend Actor (extra)
Nigel Walker Additional engineering
Cleveland Watkiss Vocals
Suzy Webb Actor (extra)
Lee Whitlock Actor ("Spinner")
Paul "Tubbs" Williams Bass
Ian Wilson Featured vocalist